Info for patients

Why did I get an account from JDW Pathology?

When you visited a doctor or had and operation, your doctor took a specimen (biopsy, tissue sample or cell smear) from you. Your doctor/specialist then sent the specimen to JDW Pathology for analysis. JDW Pathology deals with the examination of body tissues and fluids by microscopy and laboratory testing in order to provide your doctor with information needed for diagnosis and treatment. The bill you receive from JDW Pathology could be for one of the following:

The examination of your tissue – a biopsy or surgical specimen submitted to us by your doctor.
The examination of a cytology sample – often a pap test or fine needle aspiration.

A report of the findings of the examinations will have been sent to your doctor/specialist.

How do I pay my account?

  • Electronic Fund Transfer through internet (EFT) by using the banking details listed below and on your account.
  • Direct deposit at any ABSA branch using the banking details listed below.
  • Cashdoc: Immediate cash settlement of the account at your doctor’s rooms using the JDW “Cashdoc” system. You will receive a receipt as proof of payment.
  • SnapScan: Open code below.
  • Credit card: Click on “Payment” tab above and follow the link.

Banking details:
Account Name: JDW Pathology Inc.
Bank: ABSA
Branch: 632005 (Stellenbosch ABSA Private Bank)
Account number: 4077845215
Account type: Current

NOTE: Please quote your Laboratory reference number OR Account number when making a payment.

What do you charge?

We charge medical aid rates. Private patients are discounted automatically. Additional discount is available using our cashdoc system.

Cashdoc: Immediate cash settlement of the account at your doctor’s rooms using the JDW “Cashdoc” system.

For more information, please contact our Accounts and Admin Department:
Tel:+27 (0)21 512 6400 | +27 (0)21 510 2063

Can I pay by SnapScan?

Yes – see our SnapScan code here, or below:

Can I get a copy of my result?

Please contact your doctor for the results of the pathology examination. We send the report to the referring doctor. It is very important to interpret the report by taking your clinical history into account. As we do not have your full clinical history, we are not in a position to explain your pathology results in context.

It’s already been several months since I’ve seen my doctor, I have never heard of you, so why am I getting this account from you out of the blue?

If you are on a medical aid, we will have submitted your account directly to them. If they reject payment in full or partly, then the account with the outstanding amount will be sent onto you for settlement. The feedback from the medical aid to you, may take some time.
We are dependent on the contact details held by your doctor or hospital. If these are incorrect, it may have been difficult to locate your correct contact details before. Please ensure you check and update your details held by your doctor regularly.

My account has been handed over, what must I do?

You should liaise directly with the debt collection agency that contacted you to make payment arrangements.