Info for Clinicians

What services do JDW Pathology offer?

We are a specialist Anatomical Pathology laboratory focusing on Histology and Cytology services. We also offer a number of ancillary tests and services including but not limited to frozen sections, on-site FNA assessment, HPV DNA testing, molecular diagnostics, microbiology and cytogenetics. View Services

What do you charge?

We charge medical aid rates. Private patients are discounted automatically. Additional discount is available using our cashdoc system. For more information, please contact our Accounts and Admin Department:
Tel:+27 (0)21 512 6400 | +27 (0)21 510 2063

How do I submit a specimen?

Routine Histology:
Specimens must be submitted in formalin (10% formaldehyde)

Liquid based Cytology:
Please use a white-topped ThinPrep LBC vial. These are supplied by us with collecting brushes. The brush heads can either be rinsed in the fluid and discarded or ‘popped off’ into the LBC container.

Conventional and General Cytology:
Slides, cytology fixative spray and slide holders available from the laboratory. Fluids can be submitted in a urine jar for processing in the laboratory.

HPV Testing:
Please use a white-topped ThinPrep LBC vial. The test can be done from the same sample submitted for LBC cytology. Requests for HPV testing can be made for at least 2 weeks after a cytology result has been received as samples are kept before disposal.

Please do not add formalin or alcohol to samples. Please contact the laboratory for collection.

Other specimen types including immunofluorescence and cytogenetics:
Please do not add formalin or alcohol to samples. Contact the laboratory for urgent collection of fresh tissue.

When can I expect a result?

We aim to have a result within 24 hours or less of the sample being taken. In some cases, large resection specimens may need additional formalin fixation prior to processing for optimisation of morphology.

Urgent specimens can be processed in less time, often the same day. Please contact one of the pathologists or the laboratory to arrange this.

Who can I contact to discuss a result or clinical problem?

Feel free to contact one of the JDW pathologists (preferably the reporting pathologist) for queries you may have. We are available at any time to discuss clinical problems or results. View Contact Us.

Where can I find out more details on specimens and processing?

Our JDW Pathology Laboratory User Handbook is available here, and gives more detail on specimen preparation, operating hours and processes.